The 2011 ITRA-BTHA Awards - Prize Winners

The ITRA – BTHA Prize is given in recognition of outstanding research in the field of toy research. Applications were judged on the basis of the significance of the work, creativity, methodology, and clarity of presentation. The Awards Committee, consisting of Gilles Brougère (France), Jeffrey Goldstein (Netherlands), Cleo Gougoulis (Greece), Sudarshan Khanna (India), and Stephen Kline (Canada), awarded the Senior Prize to Dr. Minna Ruckenstein, University of Helsinki, Finland, for ‘Toying with the World: Children, Virtual Pets and the Value of Mobility.’ Childhood, 2010, 17, 500-513. The Student Prize was awarded to Vasanti Jadva, University of Cambridge, U.K., for her paper with Melissa Hines & Susan Golombok (2010), ‘Infants’ Preferences for Toys, Colours, and Shapes: Sex Differences and Similarities.’ Archives of Sexual Behaviour, 39, 1261-1273, based on her doctoral dissertation at University of Cambridge.


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