The Association holds international conferences every three years.

So far seven international conferences have been organized in Halmstad, Sweden (1996 & 1999), in London, England (2002), in Alicante, Spain (2005), in Nafplion, Greece (2008), in Bursa, Turkey (2011) and in Braga, Portugal (2014).

The ITRA Board are pleased to be able to announce that 8th ITRA World Conference will take place at the Paris-Nord, La Plaine Saint-Denis 93, Paris, France, 11th - 13th July 2018.

The overarching theme of the conference is "Toys and Material Culture: Hybridisation, Design and Consumption".

Information on previous conferences can be found below:

- 2014 Conference Braga, Portugal.

- 2011 Conference Bursa, Turkey.

- 2008 Conference Nafplion, Greece.




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