The ITRA – BTHA Prize was established in 2006 with generous support from the British Toy and Hobby Association []. The first ITRA – BTHA Prize was awarded in July 2008 during the 5th ITRA conference in Nafplion, Greece. ITRA anticipates presenting two awards at each ITRA World Conference. One award of £500 will be given for the best student research on toys and one award of £1,000 to a senior scholar or practitioner on the uses, design and effects of toys.

The recipients receive a travel stipend of £500 toward the ITRA conference and will present their research at that conference.

The purpose of the ITRA – BTHA Prize is to recognise outstanding research in the field of toy research. To qualify for the prize, the work must have been conducted or published since the previous ITRA World Conference (July 2014) and be submitted by the researcher or nominated by a member of ITRA.

Papers, either published or unpublished, in any area of toy research are eligible. Submissions should be in the English language (original or translation). Research on the uses, design, and effects of toys in child development, education, science, and medicine will be considered for the awards.  Theoretical and historical papers will also be considered so long as these are linked to potential research.

Submissions of postgraduate dissertations or books are also welcome. These should be accompanied by a summary of 2500 - 3000 words. Hard copies of books should be provided to each prize committee member upon request.

Submissions deadline and Award Committee
Papers should be submitted to Gilles Brougère at before 29th January 2018.

The Awards Committee consists of Mark Allen (United Kingdom), Gilles Brougère (France), Cleo Gougoulis (Greece), and Greta Pennell (USA).

The ITRA Awards Committee evaluate applications on the basis of originality, the significance of the work, creativity, methodology, clarity of presentation, and importance.

The 2018 prizes will be awarded during the 8th ITRA World Conference in Paris, France, 11-13 July 2018.

The ITRA – BTHA Prize Call for Submissions can be found here.

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